Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions please see our contact details at the bottom of the page.

Are you insured and a registered business?

YES! we are insured with Allianz Small Business insurance.
Our ABN is currently being processed. 
The business is registered with the ATO.

Will the chemicals you use damage my car?

We have selected NON-Ammonia, NON-Chlorine, NON-corrosive and NON-caustic based chemicals for use on your car. Our chemicals will leave your car feeling and looking refreshed. 

How long will you take?

Depending on distance and current condition of your car.
For a standard service 30mins-1hr,
For a full detail service 1hr-2hr

Do you have previous experience in the field of automobile detailing and cleaning?

Employees of TheCarGuysco have been thoroughly trained to wash, clean and detail many different types of cars in all different conditions in a previous
high-grade/high-volume car wash/detailer.

Do you do commercial?

We offer discounted and packaged rates for commercial businesses such as car dealerships, schools, regular businesses and special events.

Why should we chose your service?

Other than our convenience and price TheCarGuys is dedicated to providing the best service we can offer.
We understand how disappointing it feels to get your car washed and the service not living up to the expectations.
When our staff service your car they are 100% dedicated to doing the best job possible.

How does you quote system work?

Quotes can be done over images or in person.